Lene Kristensen

Dr. Lene Kristensen obtained a Ph.D. in Arctic Geology at UNIS (The University Centre in Svalbard) in 2009 and has since then worked as geologist with rockslide monitoring and management in Norway. From 2015 she has worked in the Section for Rockslide Management in NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate), which is responsible for continuous monitoring and early warning of seven high risk rockslides, as well as less intensive monitoring of rockslides with lower risk. All have potential to fail as rock avalanches. Lene has achieved a wide knowledge and experience in different monitoring and investigation methods, and has specialized in the use of Ground Based (GB) InSAR radars, primarily for mapping and monitoring of large rockslides. She has led a research project using GB InSAR and LiDAR with the aim of forecasting smaller failures such as rockfalls, rockslides and snow avalanches. She is actively participating in the work group InSAR Norway, which publish a national web based map service of ground deformation, based on data from Sentinel 1 radar satellites.