The EUROCK 2020 Program Committee invites proposals for papers and posters.

Conference topics

A. Hard rock tunneling and rock support
B. Weakness zone issues
C. Design of unlined hydropower tunnels
D. Rock stress estimation and measurement
E. Characterization of rock mass
F. Recent advances in rock mechanics theory
G. Brittle failure
H. Rock falls/Rock avalanches - mapping and monitoring
I. Abrasivity/advance and cutter wear in hard rock conditions
J. Rock support design in swelling clay conditions

Important dates

Abstract submission opening: 1. Feb 2019
Abstract submission deadline: 2. July 2019   
Paper submission deadline: 14. Oct 2019  
Notice on paper acceptance: 10. Feb 2020  

Instructions for abstracts

All abstracts must be written in English (maximum 300 words). Abstract title maximum 250 characters. No figures, photos or illustrations can be included in the abstract. The inclusion of trade names/brand names should be avoided.

All abstract authors are asked to choose topic during the submission process. Please choose your 1st and 2nd priority. The scientific committee reserves the right to place the abstract in a different and more appropriate category based on its topic and content.

Received abstracts will be evaluated based on the following three main criteria:
1.    Relevancy to conference themes
2.    Originality and quality of content
3.    Language, submitted abstracts should be written in good English (British or American)

EUROCK‘s copyright policy

The EUROCK 2020 Organizing Committee and the ISRM reserve the right to publish abstracts and full papers in the EUROCK 2020 Proceedings and in the ISRM Digital Library as well as to distribute the full paper electronically.

Submission of abstracts

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